In the growth stage, your business or your turnover and customer base are growing; a range of opportunities and growth-related challenges lie ahead of you. You may also be systematically expanding into new markets and business areas. Your employees show intense enthusiasm and commitment and your company is continuously hiring.

At this stage, the demands placed on your HR function will also grow – in two dimensions.

1. HR must become more strategic in order to support the strategic growth objectives of your business. Up to now, your HR activities have been more operational, but strategic HR will take centre stage from now on. Your major strategic HR challenges include reinforcing your organisational culture and management, and potential acquisitions.

2. HR needs to build integrated processes. Individual, separate approaches are too resource-intensive and fail to achieve internal customer satisfaction. During the growth stage, you must also expand and deepen the expertise of your HR unit. If you are growing into new markets, you need to build certain key processes to function across the enterprise from the outset.

HR Plus offers the following service packages for your situation:

1. Evaluation of HR function

We can evaluate your HR function in much the same way that a car is given an annual inspection. We can focus on evaluating sub-areas chosen by you, or comprehensively evaluate all functional sub-areas. Our evaluation is based on a 3D analysis model of your HR function. See the video below for further details. In this way, we can help your business become both more strategic and operational.

2. Creating a Human Resource Strategy

Your company’s HR function needs a growth strategy in just the same way as your growth company. A good HR strategy takes account of issues such as the following:

  • In terms of content, the strategy will answer the key strategic questions faced by your HR operation
  • The strategy will be linked to your business strategy and general research and knowledge in the HR field
  • Strategic tools have been used in the strategy’s preparation
  • Time has been taken to prepare the strategy, which has been discussed with various stakeholders
  • The management team is fully committed to the HR strategy
  • The strategy makes choices and explains how your company will be differentiated from the competition
  • The strategy creates clarity within your company
  • The strategy can be easily communicated to your managers and staff and inspires your organisation
  • The strategy can be clearly implemented and measured

We have a burning desire to develop this sub-area of HR activity. If these strategic issues are not properly thought out, there is a high risk that HR will be operationally focused on building and fine-tuning processes. HR functions often lack strategic competencies and/or lack the opportunity to take time out. This is where HR Plus can help your HR function.


3. Building and deepening HR processes and strengthening the expertise of an HR department

During the growth stage, you need to fill out and professionalise your HR processes. You will also need new HR processes and practices in areas such as compensation and benefits, management development, finding talent and ensuring employee loyalty. A range of software is available for the introduction of all of these processes.
In addition, you will need experts in these fields in your HR department. Your HR department will grow and gain more experts in several areas.
At HR Plus, we continuously work with a range of large companies and have experience of all areas of the HR process. We are members of both Finnish and overseas networks of HR experts and continuously engage in self-development, absorbing the latest findings from the academic world. If you want to develop the very best HR processes that meet your company’s needs, we are the right partner. Through us, you will also gain contacts with a wide partner network of HR professionals in a range of fields.

4. Acquisitions and their integration

HR issues are a key area during an acquisition and in the post-acquisition integration stage, if the acquisition’s value is largely based on employees. It has been shown that many unsuccessful acquisitions fail due to HR-related issues such as difficulties in bringing together organisational cultures and poor internal communication with employees. HR Plus will help you achieve the strategic objectives of your acquisition. Benefit from our special expertise in mergers and acquisitions, via services ranging from light sparring to overall project management and implementation of the HR dimension.

5. Internationalisation

As your business expands into new countries, your HR functions and management will rapidly become more complex. During the growth stage, you will set up sales offices, factories and R&D units in new countries. In each country, you will need practices compliant with local legislation and certain agreements to look after your interests, for example. You will also have to scale up your global HR functions and management to several countries. At HR Plus, we have experience of working in an international HR unit and can help with the internationalisation of your company’s HR functions. HR Plus has experience in almost every country and an extensive network of contacts with HR professionals in a wide range of countries. We can guarantee you expert support in internationalising your HR functions.

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