Your company’s growth has levelled off. You are seeking productivity growth from incremental changes, as well as efficiencies by growing your company. At this point, your HR unit has established practices and areas of responsibility. HR Plus offers service packages that are just right for your company’s situation.

1. Evaluation of HR function

Your HR function can be evaluated during both the growth and stabilisation stage. Although consistent practices are applied during evaluation, the requirements imposed on your HR function will be different during each of these stages. We can focus on evaluating your selected sub-areas, or comprehensively evaluate all functional sub-areas. Our evaluation is based on a 3D analysis model of your HR function. See the video below for further details. In this way, we can help your business become both more strategic and operational.

2. Creating a Human Resource Strategy

During the business stabilisation stage, the importance of a good HR strategy will continue to be highlighted. Whereas a growth-stage company can inspire its employees on the basis of growth itself, it should be borne in mind that a company in the stabilisation stage also faces a completely new situation: How should we change our company’s culture? How to obtain and retain key employees? How to streamline your business’s HR activities? A good HR strategy will answer these questions. A good HR strategy takes account of issues such as the following:

  • In terms of content, the strategy will answer the key strategic questions faced by your HR operation
  • The strategy will be linked to your business strategy and general research and knowledge in the HR field
  • Strategic tools have been used in the strategy’s preparation
  • Time has been taken in preparing the strategy, which has been discussed with various stakeholders
  • The management team is fully committed to the HR strategy
  • The strategy makes choices and explains how your company will be differentiated from the competition
  • The strategy creates clarity within your company
  • The strategy can be easily communicated to your managers and staff and inspires your organisation
  • The strategy can be clearly implemented and measured

We have a burning desire to develop this sub-area of HR activity. If these strategic issues are not properly thought out, there is a high risk that HR will be operationally focused on building and fine-tuning processes. HR functions often lack strategic understanding and/or the opportunity to take time out. This is where HR Plus can assist your HR function.


3. Outsourcing

  • When successful, outsourcing is a key way of making a business more efficient. Well executed HR work forms the core of successful outsourcing: Is there a side of our business which could be outsourced?

An eye should be kept on compatibility between corporate cultures when choosing partners. How well is Due Diligence handled? How well do the contracts take account of the interests of the undertaking and employees being outsourced? How well are the managers concerned being trained to support the change? How can you ensure that the remaining part of the organisation changes its practices in line with the new business model? How should you handle continuous communications with various stakeholders? How should you handle simultaneous consultations in different countries? How should you handle the implementation of the change in all countries while avoiding any disruption of business operations? How will you gather the lessons learned, to avoid repeating the same mistakes next time?

Successful outsourcing requires special HR expertise and time. HR Plus has such expertise.


4. Reform of organisational culture

Reforming your organisational culture will become important as your company’s business matures. Your company’s culture has brought you this far, but to move on you will need an updated strategy and an organisational culture which supports it. You know the saying, about your organisation’s culture eating your strategy for breakfast? If your culture does not support your strategy, HR Plus can help you to reform your company’s culture. We have led cultural change projects before and can help you to transform your business.

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