You are in a situation where your company’s product or service has gained a certain amount of popularity and you have opted for rapid growth to achieve the market potential on offer. There is plenty of enthusiasm and intensity. You are hiring staff and possibly starting to internationalise. You tend to focus on firefighting – things that need urgent attention right here and now. But you also need to build the foundations for sustainable growth. It is easy to build good foundations for HR management when things are still small-scale and simple. Good practices of this kind are easy to scale up and will help your business to grow in the right direction. HR Plus offers you the following three service packages:

1.Get the basic HR building blocks right

You need a foundation for your HR practices, on which you can build further HR practices later, as your company grows. This forms the basis for planning and implementing key HR processes. Our recommended basic processes cover recruitment, compensation, performance management, and certain administrative practices. We will build you solutions that are simple, dynamic and enable your successful growth.

2. Challenges of internationalisation

As you rapidly expand into new countries, your HR functions and management will quickly become more complex. In each country, you will need practices compliant with local legislation and certain agreements to look after your interests, for example. You will also have to scale up your global HR functions and management to several countries. HR Plus has experience of more than 50 countries and an extensive network of contacts with HR professionals in a wide range of countries. We can guarantee you expert support in internationalising your HR functions.

3. Organising your HR function

You have a range of options when organising your HR function. For example, you could recruit or rent a full-time or part-time HR professional. You could also integrate your HR operations with another function. The key issue is to find the most suitable solution for your company’s future plans and needs. We have experience of organising HR functions and extensive knowledge of HR professionals and service providers in Finland. Our service portfolio in the organisation of HR functions is as follows:

  • We will draw up an HR plan that suits your operation in particular.
  • We will help you find and choose an HR partner.
  • We will continue to guide the work of the person you choose to lead your HR operation, after his or her selection.


HR Plus is the ideal partner for your business as it begins to take off. We know how to identify what is essential and simplify matters. We have extensive HR expertise related to international environments. We have worked together with growth enterprises and are deeply familiar with world of entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us to hear more.

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