• People always have untapped potential.

  • Employees flourish in a strong culture.

  • The success of the next stage of your company is being built now.

  • Strategic HR management is a competitive edge for your company.

These principles are the foundation of our operations and they guide us on a daily basis. HR Plus Oy was founded in 2016 and our growth has been strong ever since. We co-operate with all size of companies both nationally and internationally.

We want to offer advanced and workable HR practices to companies. Our way of working is committed and in close co-operation as a companion. We know how to combine theory and practice and we always make customised solutions to make our client’s business successful.

Our experts have experience from every company stage, from the startup to the maturity stage. In these stages HR needs vary and it is crucial for the company to know where it stands in its own life cycle. We have developed 6 service concepts that offer solutions and tools to companies in their 4 stages of life cycle:


A young company often faces challenges that will be ignored or handled poorly because of the startup rush. Human resources and recruitments are especially challenging at the beginning but still extremely important from a sustainable growth’s point of view.

Thanks to our services, you can concentrate on the essentials without worrying about the HR functions. With our help, human resources activities will be handled professionally and will support the company’s business in a right way, whether you are operating in Finland or in international markets.

Services in Startup stage: Analyse Plus, Core Plus, Daily Plus.


In the growth stage, the company’s turnover and the amount of customers are growing. Taking care of your existing employees, training and onboarding new ones, makes HR functions challenging in two fields:

  1. HR must become more strategic. HR must be seen as a strategic part of the company’s business, growth strategy and as a potential competitive advantage. Human resources and leadership must be included into the business plan.
  2. Successful human resource management needs to have integrated processes, which supports every strategic objective, and generates added value to the stakeholders. The HR team needs to widen and deepen its skills so that it can boost the company’s growth even faster.

Services in Growth stage: Analyse Plus, Strategy Plus, Core Plus, Daily Plus, Shape Plus, Growth Plus.


In this stage the company’s growth has levelled off.The HR unit’s procedures and responsibilities have also stabilised, which means that we can offer suitable service packages.

HR function’s development by automation (digitalisation) and centralised service centre –solutions, offer efficiency to the company and also a possibility to use employees’ data/analytics in the business plan and development.

Services in Maturity stage:Analyse Plus, Strategy Plus, Core Plus, Daily Plus, Shape Plus, Growth Plus.


Exit is the final stage in a company or business’s life cycle. It may be a choice between exiting the business completely or restructure the business which may include consolidation, shutting down offices and redundancies.

When redundancies are needed, their implementation requires project management skills and knowledge of labour laws.  A good partner will help you to make these changes systematically, while achieving your goals and respecting people.

Services in Exit stage: Daily Plus, Shape Plus, Growth Plus.