In the growth stage, the company’s turnover and the amount of customers are growing. Taking care of your existing employees, training and onboarding new ones, makes HR functions challenging in two fields:

  1. HR must become more strategic. HR must be seen as a strategic part of the company’s business, growth strategy and as a potential competitive advantage. Human resources and leadership must be included into the business plan.
  2. Successful human resource management needs to have integrated processes, which supports every strategic objective, and generates added value to the stakeholders. The HR team needs to widen and deepen its skills so that it can boost the company’s growth even faster.

HR Plus offers the following service packages for companies in their Start-Up phase:







1. Analyse Plus

Analyse Plus has been developed to evaluate a company’s HR functions thoroughly. It works with the same idea as when a car is given its annual inspection. After the inspection and testing, it will be given a report with a repair proposal. Analyse Plus will analyse precisely the HR functions with a proposal how to develop them. This analysis will give proper tools for the company to add value and competitive advantage through its own HR functions.

In this evaluation Analyse Plus focus on a company’s HR guidance and functions, which together with employees’ interviews, will give the right overall picture of the prevailing situation and explain the needs for the future, giving a solid foundation to build a development proposal.

Well planned human resource management is one of the company’s key factors for a successful business. Analyse Plus suits both smaller company’s where the scope could be a comprehensive HR functions evaluation or in the case of a larger company a preselected HR functions evaluation.


A well planned, and doable growth strategy is one of the company’s key factors. The HR function is one important part of the big picture. If HR functions are not planned, they are slow and always behind the company’s growth and don’t support the growth strategy or add value to the company.
Strategy Plus develops an HR strategy which goal is to create competitive advantage to the company via its skilled and committed employees and company culture.

Thanks to Strategy Plus, HR functions are all the time optimised in correlation to the company’s growth rate. The optimal state will allow motivated and committed employees and improve their wellbeing.

3. Core Plus

When expanding to new markets, and especially to new countries, legislation and procedures vary a lot. It is very important to get HR functions to work as planned from the very beginning.

Core Plus helps companies to plan and, most of all, to execute employee processes together with the business and HR strategies in accordance with local legislation.

From the result of the analysis, Core Plus makes an employee handbook that gives clear instructions and procedures to everything concerning HR. With the help of this handbook, the employees adopt new things more easily and faster, which in the long-run helps and supports the company’s business targets.

4. DAILY Plus

A company’s day-to-day HR functions are part of a bigger picture and an important element to help the business working smoothly. More demanding and complicated HR issues take more time which affect the company’s operational level.

Daily Plus is a service for more demanding day-to-day HR issues. You can trust that we will take care of this, while you focus on your business.

Daily Plus is always customised to serve the company’s needs. It can handle single issues, or it can take overall responsibility of a company’s HR functions. Daily Plus works on “HR as a service” -basis.


5. SHAPE Plus

Sometimes, companies need to change. There can be several changes concerning the company’s life cycle, i.e. acquisitions and integrations, restructuring, organisational changesor selling the business.

Shape Plus is an HR service for planning the change and executing it by concentrating on the employee’s capability for change. In every change the organisational baseline is different and demands its own tools and plan.

Shape Plus builds a customised change journey to every organisation to make sure that employees will be engaged faster to the change and that they will adapt to new paradigms and procedures.

6. GROWTH Plus

Growth Plus offers different kind of customised trainings for companies. It includes 4 different packaged services: Coaching, Team development, HR training and manager-level skills development.

Growth Plus supports individual’s and group’s growth in wanted themes, i.e. growing to a new role, developing as a manager or brighten the common targets. All trainings are customised in to short term or long term needs.

Growth Plus can also be integrated with other projects, i.e. to give training to manager-level in bigger change projects. Growth Plus gives you the keys to better leadership and know-how. This improves the work performance and increases the work welfare.