Organization Development

When organizations evolve as a result of a new strategy and its implementation or different change requirements, careful planning and definition will help to identify the right and concrete change needs in the organization and the best ways to address them. The issues to be identified and considered in the planning process include the definition of the organization's structure, operating model, the work to be done, the skills required and the strategy-based resources. Mergers, acquisitions, divisions and outsourcing are typical ways to achieve growth and develop the company's business conditions.

How can we help your organization?

Organizational Design & Strategic Resourcing

Organizational design and strategic resourcing are particularly useful as a business grows, often challenging the construction of scalable HR solutions. We can help you plan and develop your business throughout its lifecycle, from start-up, through growth, maturity and exit.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

The success of acquisitions almost always depends on people, and success is usually only measured after that. Mergers, acquisitions, demergers and outsourcing are typical ways to achieve growth and develop a company’s operational capacity.
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Organizational Change & Transformation

Organizational changes affect, among other things, the structure of the company, reporting lines, processes, role descriptions and decision-making models. Often, a corporate restructuring will lead to changes in the structure of the human resources.
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Shared Business Services

We are your partner in the design of shared business services and in the development of existing service centers. We are experienced in developing service center operations, organizational models and resources, as well as in recruiting and training employees.
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Organizational Culture & People

There is always some untapped potential in people. A strong culture acts as the 'glue' of an organization, engaging employees and making them succeed. Organizational culture is not permanent and can be developed.
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