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Johanna Jalava

HR Manager 

Mikko Lindqvist

Marketing Director 

In the beginning of the year 2020 we launched a strategic change process in the marketing organization, and we wanted to measure its progress when the change journey had been ongoing for a couple of months. We also wanted to find out how the managers of marketing teams lead the change and how the cooperation within different teams and between stakeholders works. HR Plus conducted surveys that gave us valuable feedback both from the marketing organization as well as from the most important internal stakeholder groups. The survey results gave us a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of the strategic change process, our strengths and further actions needed.

Anna and Eija built us custom-made surveys on a fast schedule that suited our purposes well. The survey summaries were clear and gave us meaningful insights on the matters we will focus on in the future. The cooperation with HR Plus was professional and natural, reports easy to read and the final discussion session of the results engaging and constructive. 

We can warmly recommend HR Plus to similar projects in which the objective is to create a custom-made 360-evaluation survey according to own organization’s change or development needs. 

Caverion Suomi Oy

Minna Schrey-Hyppänen

EVP HR & Safety

As part of our strategy work we have been looking at the focus of each of our function.  Caverion asked HR Plus to conduct an HR functional assessment to analyse our current situation. The goal of the assessment was to get a different insight on the functionality of our HR practises and our ways of working as a team, as well as how we can collaborate more to add value to the business.

The analysis was based on interviews with our HR Leadership Team and Group Management Board members and evaluating internal HR materials that we provided. Markus was also facilitating a workshop to help us work better as an aligned team.

The report prepared by HR Plus highlighted the conclusions and recommendations on each of the different areas analysed. We will continue to work on the topic and utilise all the insight gained through this project.

Konecranes Oy

Timo Leskinen

VP HR Konecranes – On behalf of the participating companies

Konecranes and 6 other top Finnish companies are committed to constantly develop our HR talents. This way we can give higher value for the business in our fast-changing business environment. During 2018 and 2019, we organized together as a consortium an HR training program for our global pool of Business HR partners. The program consisted of three modules and a comprehensive program group work. The main goal of this program was to strengthen their competencies in those areas which are critical for a value adding Business HR partner. As a side goal, building a good network with colleagues from other companies came naturally.

We invited HR Plus to take care of the program management and facilitation of the training program, because of their long and wide HR experience. They also supported with the final design for the training program within the frame that we had collectively decided.

Both the participants and us were very satisfied with the program outcome. The participants used these three words to best describe the full program: Professional – Valuable – Energizing.

Julius Tallberg-Kiinteistöt Oyj

Timo Valtonen


Julius Tallberg-Kiinteistöt Oyj is a Real Estate Investment Trust, operating in the metropolitan region. During year 2018 we renewed our strategy, and in this connection, we decided in our own operations to focus on the essential key functions, from the point of view of our customer value. In practice it meant a change, in which the corporation was reorganized, the job descriptions of our key roles were changed and specified, recruitments were done, and the essential basic operations, securing our business, were decided to be outsourced to external partners. For planning and realizing these changes HR Plus provided us the necessary extra resources, as well as a strong experience about equivalent change processes. At the same time, we renewed our HR practices and prepared an HR handbook. In the future, HR Plus will act as our external HR outsourcing partner. Markus and Eija handled our situation quickly and effectively, and we received all the necessary assistance always on time.

Kone Oyj

Susanne Skippari


In 2017 KONE launched a program to accelerate the execution of its Winning with Customers strategy to support profitable growth. The objective of the change program was to create a faster-moving, more efficient, customer-centric organization focusing on the customer-facing functions in the country organizations. One of the principles at the program is to plan and deploy the people-related changes as successfully as possible at each participating location. As a member of our program team, Markus Taina from HR Plus built us the practices and guidance mechanism to implement the needed organizational changes. This was done in a close co-operation with my HR organization. Additionally HR Plus brought us the program management capability and wide experience to plan and deploy organizational changes.

Global Technology Company with 6000+ employees

Anonymous reference

CIO, a global manufacturing & technology company

Global Technology Company with 6000+ employees, anonymous reference Since 2015, we have realized transformations in our IT operations, in order to better respond to the future challenges of our corporation. Among the goals in the transformation process was updating the skills profiles of our IT professionals, as well as building up new partnerships with world´s best IT service providers. As a part of the transformation process, we have moved certain IT operations to our strategical partners during years 2017 and 2019, to be able to personally focus on solving future IT challenges. Both outsourcings have been significant projects for our corporation, and in this context a part of our personnel was resettled to new service providers globally in several countries.

Markus Taina from HR Plus, as an HR project manager, was responsible of comprehensive planning and realization of matters in connection to our personnel, together with our global and local HR managers. HR Plus joined our projects at very early stage and assisted us in choosing a right partner. After this HR Plus was responsible of Due Diligence realization, from the point of view of the personnel. HR Plus participated in contract negotiations, securing the goals of our corporation, as well as those of the personnel to be resettled. HR Plus also helped us in planning and realization of our internal communication, prepared and supported superiors, and made sure that the personnel´s resettling to the new service providers was realized smoothly and according to legislation and our company values.

Markus Taina was indisputably one of the key persons in the successful change projects. His strong expertise in HR practices and legislation in different countries was an essential factor in ensuring a successful change. His cooperation with different stakeholders was fluent, and it was very easy to everybody to appreciate his expertise.

Posti Group Oy

Pia Ahlgren

VP HR, Business HR

Between 2017-2018 we re-organised one of Posti’s business unit. It meant transferring business and employees between Posti’s sub companies. At the same time we harmonised our HR processes and practices.

Because this project was about to take place in several countries at the same time, we needed an extra project manager to support our HR team and to give us the needed experience to execute this kind of project.

Project manager from HR Plus was in charge in making the needed changes together with Posti’s HR team. We managed to carry out the changes successfully in a perspective of business and personnel.

Kolster Oy

Timo Helosuo

CEO, Project: Building a career model

During fall 2016 Kolster Ltd. started, as a first company in IPR sector, employees’ career path plan based on their task structure. Markus Taina from HR Plus build us a model for this plan based on employees interviews and his former experience. The outcome of this project is now in use and fits well in our expert organisation leadership as well as employees development and business management point of views.

In the model we clearly describe alternative career paths in our company and this way raise employees commitment to Kolster. Working with Markus has been really easy and his expertise has been a great help for us.

Konecranes Oy

Timo Leskinen


Konecranes is a world leading group of lifting businesses. At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name – people committed to providing our customers with lifting equipment and services that lift their businesses. In order to ensure we have the right talent in the right place at the right time we wanted to analysis and develop our recruitment activities in one of our business unit in the EMEA Region.

In the last quarter of 2018, HR Plus conducted a current state analyses on recruitment focusing on how to find key talent. HR Plus worked closely together with Konecranes HR to review the current recruitment planning, guidance, existing practices as well as expectations from HR, hiring Managers and new employees.

Saara and Veronica were able to bring an outside-in view on the current state and propose development activities that Konecranes HR is already implementing and developing further. The project was completed fast and had an impact on the way we develop our recruitment activities.

Cargotec Oy

Ilkka Juvonen

HR Director, Corporate Functions

At Cargotec, leadership is one of the main building blocks on our way to leading position in intelligent cargo handling. To succeed in this, we need efficient and intelligent HR, tools, processes and services, so that our people can perform at their highest level of competence in all circumstances.

In 2017 we needed extra HR hands to help us in an outsourcing process and chose HR Plus as vendor due to their good reputation as an HR partner. Markus and Vero allowed us to focus on other critical projects by taking over the project responsibility.

Lännen Tekstiilihuolto Oy, Turku

Miika Markkanen


Because of the new GDPR, HR Plus tailored a survey for our current practices in collecting, saving, transferring and deleting of personal data. After the survey results, they gave us guidelines and documented the way we should treat our personal data. HR Plus also updated our employee training programs and equality and uniformity plans to present.

From the reports and guidelines that HR Plus prepared, it has been very easy for us to update our practices and to correspond our current situation. We were very pleased with their high level of expertise.

Saab Finland Oy

Anders Gardberg

Managing Director

As part of its global growth strategy, Saab has expanded its business in Finland in 2017. Part of this growth meant that we needed to have a supporting local HR function established in the country.
HR Plus helped us build the foundations which included common HR processes and practices and creating HR policies, taking into consideration our company’s global HR framework and the Finnish legislation requirements.

We were able to establish a smooth HR operation within 6 months and got the consultancy expertise that helped us have our HR basics in place.

Fira Group Oy

Henri Hietala

VP, People Development Fira Group Oy

HR Plus conducted an HR functional assessment by interviewing all employees and going through and evaluating all our HR material. In this assignment, the functionality of employee management and HR practises were evaluated as well as their strategic position in our daily management and operations.

The report gave us a valuable outside opinion about our current status and clear proposals of the needed actions, that we have already started to take into practice. During fast growth and development, there is always a risk that employees become partly blind to these development needs. We are thankful to HR Plus for opening our eyes with their expertise.

Global Manufacturing Company


Program Director

Markus Taina from HR Plus lead HR transformation from the global project’s perspective with focus and intensity. Without his experience and drive, we would have struggled to keep all the details on global level together.

Markus collaborated smoothly with stakeholders from China, US and Europe and was very valued leader and a member of the transformation team.