Working Genius

The Working Genius model is an intuitive and practical team profiling tool that can be used for improving both individual and team productivity.

What is Working

The Six Types of Working Genius is a team profiling tool developed by Patrick Lencioni. By understanding your own profile, you will find a new way of looking at your own working styles and teamwork. The model is useful for team building and developing teamwork, recruitment, as well as for organizing your day-to-day work.

There are six types of Working Genius, all of which are necessary to get the work done. We all have two Working Geniuses, two Working Competences, and two Working frustrations.

  • Working Genius shows your natural talent, which brings you joy and fulfilment. It is a constant source of energy.
  • Working Competences shows you something you can do well, but you don't really use it. Over time, this will sap your energy.
  • Working Frustration shows you what you are not comfortable with and what exhausts you, even if you have learned to use it.

At HR Plus, we have used Working Genius team profiling tool for 1.5 years. Our certified consultants help both individual clients and facilitatevat team workshopswhich focus on teamwork development.  


Why Working Genius?

Individuals' self-awareness increases when their strengths and vulnerabilities are recognized.

Teamwork becomes easier when you are aware of your own and others' strengths and know how to harness them.

Work can be organized more efficiently - after all, this is a productivity tool.

Efficiency and work well-being increase in the organization.

Find your own genius

The individual report is based on an individual assessment, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. At HR Plus, we have translated the questionnaire into Finnish. The individual report shows your geniuses, competences and frustrations. The assessment provides a guide to identify what kind of work gives you energy and what drains you.  

Making teamwork more efficient

Working Genius model is a great tool for pinpointing your team's strengths. Working With the Genius team map, you can easily see which areas of your team are crucial and what expertise is lacking within the team. Knowing everyone's geniuses, areas of competence and frustrations will help you get to grips with different parts of work in a whole new way. Working Genius model gives the team a shared language and increases mutual understanding. It helps in clarifying the roles and expectations and provides guidance in recruitment decisions.

Team Workshop

We have conducted a number of team workshops exploring the team's working styles and areas of strenght based on the Working Genius team map. Our clients have been inspired and energized by the model, since work can be shared among the team so that each team member can concentrate on those tasks they enjoy most.



Find out more about the Working Genius Model

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Listen to our podcast episodes on the model in Finnish: 

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